New Year Plant Picks

As 2022 comes to a close, we wanted to share some of the best plants to bring in the new year. Whether you’re a plant lover or a newbie, these are great plants to introduce to your home or give as a gift.

Money Tree

money tree plant in pot on small table
plants next to window

The money tree is said to trap good fortune in its braided trunk, bringing prosperity, wealth, and good luck to those who take care of it. They make great gifts because of this as well and are pretty easy to take care of. They prefer a lot of bright, indirect light but will burn in direct sun. Water when the top 2-4 inches of soil are dry.


purple orchid in white pot
white orchid flowers

Bring in the new year with a flowering plant that will last much longer than a cut bouquet. White orchids are said to symbolize innocence, purity, and good health while purple orchids represent admiration, respect, and royalty. Orchids make great gifts, whether for a wedding, housewarming, or get well soon. They’re incredibly easy to take care of and the blooms should last 1-3 months. All they need is bright indirect light, and infrequent watering.


red bromeliad plant
orange bromeliad

These striking plants are perfect to get for the new year, bringing good fortune and protection. There are numerous varieties and bloom colors making this another great alternative to cut flowers. They are very easy to care for and can be kept inside or out as long as they are kept in the shade. Overwatering can lead to root rot so make sure to allow the soil to drain from the soil after watering and keep water from pooling inside the leaves.

Peace lily

peace lily plant in tall square container
peace lily flowers

As the name suggests, peace lilies are said to bring peace, hope, and healing. These plants make great gifts, especially for get well soon and bereavement. The dark green leaves and bright white flowers make a beautiful contrast and look great in any home. These plants like the soil to stay slightly moist but not wet. Always let excess water drain from the soil after watering. Indirect, bright light is ideal for new growth and especially new blooms.

We are able to deliver these perfect new year plants to your house, a friend’s house, the office, or any location in the Houston area. We also offer free pickup at our retail store in the Med Center. See our available plants at!

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