Top 3 best plants for your office

Does your office need some greenspiration?
Here's our top 3 best office plants.


The Sansevieria Plant, originally from South Africa, is a hardy, almost impossible to kill office plant that thrives on neglect. Sansevierias, also called Snake plant and Mother in Law’s Tongue, can be used as table plants or, when taller, stately floor plants.


The “ZZ” plant is one of the most adaptable officeplants you can grow! The amazingly thick, shiny leaves tolerate low light conditions, and the plant has storage tubers that help them tolerate drought.


Bromeliads make great office plants due to their vivid colors & unique features. Their foliage can be thick and fleshy or needle thin with sharp spikes. A bromeliad plant can be proportionally displayed or beautifully asymmetrical. READ MORE

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