Holiday Plant Guide + Best Plants for Gifting

Winter Plants to Keep Year Round


Don’t throw out your poinsettia just yet! You can keep it looking good long past Christmas by placing it in a bright area and watering when the soil starts to feel dry. Even though it loses its colored leaves, the plant still has blooming potential for the next year. Fertilize with a general purpose plant food in the spring and summer. Then in late September, move it to an area that gets 12-14 hours of darkness and just a bit of light. You should start to see new blooms after about 8 weeks.


These blooming beauties are the perfect wintertime plant. They enjoy the cool weather and will continue to bloom until it starts to heat back up in spring or summer. They will go dormant and look like they are dying, but you can set them in a dark, cool area until fall. After about 2 dormant months, bring them back out. Soak the soil and check that the tuber has not outgrown the pot. With regular watering, your cyclamen should rebloom.

Christmas Cactus

This holiday cactus is a popular winter plant and is another great plant to keep year round. Keep your cactus in a bright area that doesn’t receive direct sun. Around October, move it to a cool, dim area where it will not receive any light for 8-12 hours a day and no water. After a month, you can move it to a bright area and water when the soil dries out. Make sure not to overwater as this can lead to the buds falling off. It should start to bloom again around Christmas.

Best Plants for Gift Giving

Pothos Ivy

One of the best plants for gifting, the pothos is an extremely hardy plant that can grow as little or as much as you want. The only thing your gift recipient needs to worry about is keeping it in a bright area and watering when the soil starts to get dry. They grow very fast and trailing vines can either be cut off and propagated or stuck right back into the soil to create a bushier look.


The snake plant is another great gift plant. Their long snake-like leaves are very eye-catching so make a great addition to any decor. These hardy plants can stand up to a bit of neglect too. They are perfectly kept further into a room and can even survive with only artificial light if it is kept on during the day. They don’t need as much water as other plants either.


Aglaonemas are a great variety of plant that make perfect gifts. They are simple to take care of and thrive with the barest of care. They love bright light but do okay if kept a few feet further from the light source and don’t need to be watered that often. Their striking variegated leaves come in many different colors and shapes from dark green stripes to red or pink edges.


Orchids are great gifts for flower lovers. Their blooms come in many varieties and colors which can last for weeks. And after the flowers fall off, the stem can be cut back and the leaves displayed. If taken proper care of, the flowers even have the potential to rebloom. They only need a single ice cube placed on the soil after it dries out and prefers to be kept near bright light.

Houseplants To Your Door

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