How To Make Your Plants Grow Faster & Other Spring Tips

Spring has sprung and your plants can feel it. As the weather heats up, plants will start their yearly growth spurt which means the care you provide will probably need to change.


As your plants grow faster, they will likely drink more water, especially if they are receiving a lot of sunlight. Make it a habit to test the soil more often than during the winter months, especially if your plants are outside. 

woman watering hanging plant


If you want to allow for the best possible summer growth, you can start adding a bit of fertilizer to the soil. It is usually a good idea to dilute your fertilizer so as not to burn the roots. However this depends on the type used and how much your plant needs.


The best time to repot is during the warm months as well so keep an eye out on any plants that have outgrown their current pots. Many plants prefer to be root bound so repotting should only be done when the specific plant is ready. And especially make sure not to repot into a container that is more than 1-2” larger in diameter than its current one.

person repotting a zz plant
closeup of a woman wiping down a plant leaf


Time for a little spring cleaning? Many plants can become dusty or develop water spots over the course of their lives. If left too long, this can actually block the light from reaching the leaves. Now is a great time to clean off any dirty leaves with a soft damp cloth. The best way to do this is by supporting one side of the leaf with one hand and gently wiping the other side with your cloth. Do this for both sides to keep them fresh and clean. 

Moving Plants Outside

Here in Texas, houseplants can do really well outdoors too. Most of the popular houseplants are tropical which makes them great for living indoors. However, due to this, many of these plants can’t survive when placed in direct sun but will benefit from the increased light on a covered porch or in a shaded area. If you decide to move your indoor plants outdoors, try to leave them the whole summer. Too many transitions in temperature can stress your plant out. 

There are plenty of plants that can and do thrive in direct sun. Here are a few of our favorite plants that can enhance that sunny area in your home, on your porch, or in your backyard. If transitioning from indoors, make sure you gradually transition your plants by keeping them in a shaded area or only allowing a couple hours of direct sun daily until they are used to the heat.

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